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Weather Policy

Lone Peak Youth Baseball Weather Policies

The following is an outline of the weather policies of LPYB:

  1. Cancellations:  LPYB does not cancel games due to cold and wind unless the conditions are considered unsafe.  LPYB will cancel games when the fields are deemed unplayable by the league or for lightning (see below for lightning policies).
  2. Lightning:  LPYB games will be delayed when lightning is sighted.  All delays will be for 15 minutes from the last time lightning is seen in the area.  If a game is delayed for 45 minutes or more it will be considered “Rescheduled”.  The cancellation or rescheduling of an earlier game DOES NOT mean that a later game is also changed.  It is the responsibility of the coaches and umpires present to monitor the situation and follow this guidance.
  3. Notice:  LPYB will make every attempt to notify the league of cancellations as early as possible.  However, given how the weather works near us sometimes late notice is necessary so that we don’t unnecessarily cancel games.  We are always trying to get the fields in shape so they are playable.  Notice will be given via the leagues email or SMS messaging service.  We strongly recommend you stay tuned to these communications channels on game days.  Under certain circumstances it will be a game time decision by the coaches and umpire.
  4. Make Ups:  LPYB generally attempts to make up cancelled games on the next available day when we have field availability.  This may often result in less than 24 hours notice of a makeup depending on the situation.  Note that as we either lease or contract for our fields with the cities and school districts we work with, we have limited ability to extend the season.  As such, we will generally try to keep the season on calendar for the planned end date of the season no later than the first week of after the end of the Alpine School District school year.
  5. LPYB does not offer refunds in the event the season is shortened due to the inability to get all rain out makeups in before the end of the season.  LPYB is limited in its season length due to field availability from our partner cities and school districts and generally commits to not run longer than within a few days of the end of school for Alpine School District.