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All Star Policies

Lone Peak Youth Baseball All Stars

All Stars is the competitive component of the LPYB programs.  In the formation of teams, we are trying to put together the most competitive teams at each age level.  As such, the rules oulined below are intended to encourage competitiveness while also bringing this experience to as many of our players as possible.

  1. A, B, C Teams:
    1. When there are enough coaches and interest, LPYB will form multiple teams at an age level.  The A team is the most competitive team and is allowed first draft of its players prior to any B teams etc.
  2. Playing To A Different Team Than Drafted:
    1. All players must play on the team they are drafted to.  If a player does not want to play on the team that drafts them (due to their friends playing on another team, their super league teammates playing elsewhere or whatever), that player will not be eligible for all stars that year.
  3. “Playing Up”: 
    1. LPYB players must play at their league age (age on April 30).  The only standing exception to this is for 11-year-old players who may be drafted up to the 12-year-old A team and must be at the consent of the player (I.e. they choose to not play at their age).
  4. Rosters: 
    1. All rosters must include at least 12 players and 3 coaches.  The only scenario where less than 12 players is ever allowed is when there aren’t enough willing players to participate.
    2. Coaches should not designate players as alternates and encourage them to only come when needed.
  5. Coaches: 
    1. All coaches must do the following to be eligible to coach:
      1. Register:  You MUST register and be assigned to a regular season team by logging in to the website and registering yourself to coach.  This is just like selecting your child and registering them for a division.
      2. Background Check & Training:  At the end of your registration, you must complete the required background check and Child Protection Training. 
      3. Any team that has coaches that have not completed these steps will be disqualified during the District, State and Regional tournaments.
  6. Playing Time:
    1. Equal playing time is not guaranteed during All Stars.

The only exceptions to these policies must be approved by a Unanimous Vote of the LPYB Board.